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A Sunday Morning at Montejunto


Last week was a good week. August started: 15 hours of hot sun, a lay back attitude in work, Lisbon’s traffic is gone with 70% of the country in vacation, and the streets are invaded with half naked chicks, specially if you live near the beach, which here is pretty much about everywhere! So Caco, Covas and Malhas decided to run away from all that ( yeah ) and meet with our man Juca half way from all of us and head to a place where there’s sun the whole year (except when it’s not), there’s naked chicks all around (albeit we didn’t see them), but surely “traffic” is something that the locals just name to a big van from Renault.

Montejunto, is a relatively small mountain but with the attitude of a giant. It sits parallel to the coast line about 50 Km inside the country. It’s windy, rocky, steep, dry, cold, and then hot, oh and rocky. Because of its position in the territory it divides this region in two. The “West” or Região Oeste which is greener, windier, and foggy in the mountain; and the interior, called Ribatejo which is dry, hot and in the mountain the only gardens you’ll find are the “rocky” ones! So there we went, not to the usual morning ride. We hadn’t much time to spend before lunch so the plan was to start at the top, leaving Juca’s Kangoo at the bottom to lift us up and do another run. We arrived at the top about 8:30, it was foggy – really foggy – and cold – really cold. Freezing and with absolutely no warm up, we went down on this long and awesome single track (trilho das antenas). It starts technical and nasty, nasty like: you don’t wanna go down on there, it will hurt! It continues fast and flow, and it ends fast and nasty. Perfect, besides the flat tire! By the Time we got to the bottom, the fog was long gone and the sun was burning hot, yeah!

Time to get back on top, some fire roads ahead we decided to leave the kangoo to rest and climb on the bikes and catch the lift at the end. So we chose the road. This is a really long and steep climb (we started at middle way anyway), and it’s a very famous site for the roadies to come and push their 7k bikes uphill, it was fun at the beginning to try and catch them with our fat 2.3′ Hans Dampf at 30psi and keep their pace… not so much fun after 5 seconds. Anyway, so we reached the top again, this time we went down on the “Deep Throat” trail (it’s called like that because.. well because it ends in a deep throat), about midlleway we decided to stop and repeat this great section, result?: front and rear tires flat. We arrived at the end of the trail with one more, fixing the end result at 4. Not Bad!


The scenario at Montejunto makes you feel like riding on one of those front cover magazine pictures that we all drool at.

What a great morning! What about yours?






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