Here's how to take a screenshot on an Xbox Series X and share it with your friends. Depending on the content or how it's used, remote play may not be available. Install: 25. In case you want to power off the PS4. This will open an explorer window to the directory where steam stores your screenshots, from here you can upload them to steam and put them into forums … The PS4 interface or GUI hasn't been seen as often as the system, but new screenshots show the video-sharing interface and a PS4 companion app for tablets. HDR is not supported. Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Christmas Wise Giving in-game eventJoin the Christmas Wise Giving in-game event and help the community wisely deliver gifts from all cities, across all territories, to those most in need. Download the PlayStation app, and check your colleagues who are online, text your gamer friends, and register for a tournament, and many more. A heavy emphasis on social features has been placed on the PlayStation 4 console, loading up the PS4 with a number of share-centric apps and features. As more details and screenshots leak out, we’ll be sure to share them here. Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; mass effect andromeda ps4 screenshots ps4share gaming. Sync your album. Only way to view them on your mobile phone (that I know of) is to upload your screenshots or videos somewhere (twitter, facebook, google drive if you use a USB to upload them to your drive,...) and watch it there View Entire Discussion (3 Comments) More posts from the PS4 community Furthermore, it appears to indicate that you’ll be able to share these videos through the Gallery View itself rather than have to send them in-game from the PS4 game in which they were recorded. This image is similar to screens released previously, with a few nuanced changes. PlayStation Account After downloading this application, you need to log in on your account in order to connect to its network, as well as access online features of the PS4 … document.write('